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my daddy's got a gun. [entries|friends|calendar]
hey boo

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"My name is Shoshanna Dreyfus and THIS is the face of Jewish vengeance." [January the 2nd]
Happy New Year from Sara, Tam and (not pictured) Kat!

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Resolutions Include:
- stop spending so much money on clothes
- save up for a Macbook Pro
- figure out my alcohol limit (probably somewhere between goofy and barfing)

Also of note: Sara is a very soft kisser. ;)

regina regina regina regina regina [August the 4th]
[ mood | hopeful ]

REGINA SPEKTOR IS COMING TO TORONTO. Two days after my birthday. I need to see her.

I also need to find someone to see her with me.

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Do you think she'd marry me?

your smile is gone, i noticed it bad. [March the 23rd]
[ mood | giggly ]

Sara says:
ohh yes totes!!
ahah today after school
before u came to the locker
like when no 1 was there
thomas started walking down the hallway rapping about how hell knock you out ahaha
and like did a dance to it
tam says:
Sara says:
yeaaah ahah
tam says:

I have a bio test tomorrow about the different phases of meiosis and mitosis. I don't even know the difference between the two. Somatic for one, germinal for the other. Another late night tonight!

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